Certificate in Arts Management

The Certificate in Arts Management bridges the gap between fine arts leadership and business leadership. Basic business skills are provided to supplement fine arts knowledge. This program benefits fine and performing arts majors who are interested in learning about the business aspects of their fields. Admission and advising are provided jointly by the College of Business and the creative or performing arts department of the College of Liberal Arts and Social Science that suits your area of interest.

Academic Requirements

The certificate program requires practical experience in the arts and 16 credit hours of courses in business and fine art.

Prerequisites (6 credit hours)

The following courses are prerequisites to those required for the certificate:

  • ACT 221 Introductory Accounting I
  • IST 203 Software Tools for Personal Productivity

Arts Experience (15 credit hours)

  • Each student must earn 15 credit hours of course work or equivalent practical experience in one of the creative/performing arts.

Required core courses (6 credit hours)

  • MKT 301 Fundamentals of Marketing
  • MGT 301 Principles of Management

Electives (10 credit hours):

Choose ten hours of coursework from both Business and Arts, with at least one course chosen from each elective area. The final choice of electives must be approved by an advisor:

Business Electives

  • FIN 351 Introduction to Financial Management
  • GAD 250 Business Communication
  • MKT 441 Integrated Marketing Communications
  • MGT 340 Human Resource Management
  • MGT 443 Entrepreneurship
  • OSM 311 Introduction to Production Management

Arts Electives

  • ART 405 Museology: Introduction to Museum Studies - Exhibition Planning and Design
  • COM 225 Media Writing
  • COM 357 Principles of Public Relations
  • DRA 381 Theatre Organization and Management
  • DRA 490 Professional Theater Internship
  • ENG 301 Advanced Expository Writing
  • ENG 390 Literary Magazine
  • UST 410 Proposal Writing and Program Development
  • Other art courses as approved by the Art Department

Note: several of the courses listed above have prerequisites that must be satisfied in order to take the course. Please consult your advisor.

For additional information, contact the appropriate department:

  • Art Department (216) 687-2040
  • Creative Writing (216) 687-4522
  • Dance Company (216) 687-4883
  • Marketing Department (216) 687-4771
  • Music Department (216) 687-2301
  • Theater Arts Program (216) 875-9662