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Visiting Committee Member Profile: Ron Auletta

Ron Auletta

President and CEO; Xaloy, Inc.

Mr. Auletta joined Xaloy, Inc. in November 2008 as President & CEO.  Xaloy is the world's leading manufacturer of components and melt delivery systems for plastics molding and extrusion machinery. The company supplies bimetallic barrels, high-performance screws, melt pumps, screen changers, pelletizers, heat-transfer rolls, cleaning ovens and shutoff nozzles. The company has plants in the U.S., Germany and Thailand and a network of sales agents around the globe.


Prior to joining Xaloy, Mr. Auletta was CEO and president of GED Integrated Solutions, Inc., a global supplier of automated equipment and software solutions for manufacturing windows, doors and photovoltaic panels.


Mr. Auletta received his BBA in Operations Management & Business Statistics from Cleveland State University in 1998 and his MBA from Cleveland State University in 2001.