Welcome to the Monte Ahuja College of Business

Our Leaders

The Monte Ahuja College of Business is led by numerous faculty and staff members who each play a vital role in ensuring the success of our students. Dr. Joseph B. Mazzola was appointed Dean of the College in July 2013. Dean Mazzola will continue to move the College in the direction of an interdisciplinary educational model, strengthening relationships with the regional business community, and focusing on themes of global business, sustainability, entrepreneurship and healthcare within three key practice areas:

  • Academic Affairs
  • Research & Strategic Initiatives
  • Outreach

Academic Affairs

Dr. Tim DeGroot Interim Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, works with faculty and staff on the design and delivery of our academic programs and other issues pertaining to the academic success of our undergraduate and graduate students.

Research & Strategic Initiatives

Rajshekhar (Raj) G. Javalgi Associate Dean for Research and Strategic Initiatives ensures the faculty has access to the resources and support needed for effective scholarship and professional growth. He also works with the business community to provide critical business research and assist in their strategic planning projects.