Universidad de Concepción

The Universidad de Concepción is ranked among the 3 best universities in Chile, and the best outside of Santiago, the capital city. The Universidad de Concepción has three campuses. The main Campus, Concepción, is located in the center of the city. The University houses important scientific collections in the Natural Science Museum and offers the academic community an excellent Central Library, several Faculty libraries and publishing division, in addition to performances by its Symphonic Orchestra and the University Choir. The University motto is, “For the free development of the spirit.” The Universidad de Concepción is a member of the Council of Rectors, which is made up of the 25 Chilean universities partially supported by the Government.


Students can plan on spending from one semester to one full year abroad. The academic calendar in Concepción is from March to July, and August to December. Seasons in Chile run opposite to those in the United States.


Students are eligible to take courses offered at the College of Business and Economics, College of Engineering, and courses offered by other Colleges as long as the student meets basic pre-requisites. Courses can be selected in coordination with the CSU academic advisor.


Students should have a good understanding of Spanish to be able to follow the courses since all of the courses are taught in Spanish. Basic foundation courses in Spanish are also available to students to reinforce language skills.

Housing and Cost of Living

Students have the option of living in a home with a family close by the university at a cost of $100 US per month, including two meals. The lease runs on a monthly basis. Cafeteria facilities provide meals on campus at a low cost of approximately $3 US per meal.

City Facts

Concepción is the capital city of the Bío-Bío Region and is located in the central part of Chile, near the Pacific Ocean, some 500 kilometers (300 miles) to the south of Santiago. The Region is identified with the hydrographic basin of the Bío-Bío River. The Region is the second most important in the country with a population of nearly 2,000,000 inhabitants. The climate is characterized by well-defined seasons with a warm summer and a cold winter. The temperatures vary from 32 to 82 ºF throughout the year.

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