Berufsakademie Heidenheim

Berufsakademie Heidenheim, university of cooperative education, is one of 11 locations of Berufsakademie Baden-Württemberg in the Federal State of Baden-Württemberg, in southwest Germany. Education at BA HDH is comprised of academic course work at the state-run school and on-the-job training with a company.


The school of Business Administration offers courses under the following departments.

  • Department of Banking
  • Department of Business Information Systems
  • Department of Management in Industry
  • Department of Management in Trade
  • Department of Management in International Trade
  • Department of Management in Media and Communication


Students should plan to attend the Berufsakademie in their third or fourth year of college, after having taken some basic business courses. No formal pre-requisites exist, but the student’s academic qualifications will be discussed between the student, the academic advisor, and the Berufsakademie. Courses will be selected by the student and the academic advisor according to their availability.

Length of Study

Students can plan on spending from a semester to one full year abroad. A semester lasts for 3 months.


Students should have a good understanding of German to be able to follow the courses as almost all of the courses are taught in German.

Housing and Cost of Living

Students have the option of living with host families at a cost of 130 € per month, including meals. If a student prefers to rent an apartment, arrangements can be made with the assistance of the International Student Office. Rent for an apartment would be around 300 € a month, depending on the size and location of the apartment. Berufsakademie provides a stipend of 600 € per month for 3 months to two CSU students per semester.

City Facts

Heidenheim has a very moderate climate. In the winter months, the temperature is usually between 14 degrees Fahrenheit to 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and in the summer is usually 68 degrees fahrenheit to 86 degrees fahrenheit. Heidenheim is conveniently located in the middle of some of the most visited places in Germany. It is near the border of Bavaria and boasts many beautifully restored castles and castle ruins. From Heidenheim you can travel by train to the capital city of Berlin in approximately 7 hours.

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