Cleveland State University
The Art Gallery at Cleveland State University

The 42nd Student Art Show

March 29 – May 4, 2013
CSU Arts Campus, The Galleries at CSU

The 42nd Student Art Show is a juried exhibition with awards and prizes.
This show features 60 works of art by 32 students. Works include sculpture, painting, drawing, photography, mixed media, and printmaking.

The 42nd Student Art Show Award Winners - 2013

Honorable Mention: Jonathan Renuart, Unraveling Infinite Perceptions and This is What We Choose
Honorable Mention: Nicholas Storm, Untitled
Best of Project 60: Peggy McNally, Untitled 2
Best of Ceramics: Patrick McGough, The Dark Side
Best of Sculpture: Jaco Jucutan, Empty Shell
Best of Photography: Omid Tavakoli, Dress Series #1 (yellow)
Best of Printmaking: Dunya Abrihim, Guilty by Distribution
Best of Painting: Rachel Strongoli, Where do my Dreams Come From and Where do they go?
Best of Drawing: Faith Wiker, Untitled
Best of Show: Ryan Upp, Memoirs of a Panda

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The 42nd Student Art Show Jurors’ Statements

As a 1983 CSU alumni, it was an honor to be one of two jurors choosing artworks and awarding prizes for the 42nd Annual Student Show. There were many fine submissions and our goal was to choose quality artworks and award the top outstanding works in each media. Overwhelmingly, the largest group of submissions was in digital photography/imaging, and it’s not surprising that a good part of the show is work from this category.   Overall, I found the digital photography innovative, creative, and professionally presented.   Printmaking and Drawing also had many excellent artworks submitted as evident in the show.  Remarkably the more traditional media of Painting and Sculpture had minimal submissions with ceramics being almost non-existent.  

We looked for artworks that were technically excellent, well composed, and had a high level of innovation and creativity.  A large part of the decision making process also rested on the presentation of the artwork, i.e. matting, framing, etc.  A number of artworks were not selected solely on their lack of appropriate matt, frame or overall presentation.   The Best of Show is an exceptional artwork that excels in all of the above-mentioned criteria.  I personally found it to be inspiring and memorable, an artwork that all students and seasoned artists can aspire to create.

Paul Jacklitch,
Professor of Art
Baldwin Wallace University

It's wonderful to see such a range of outstanding work in various media.  Photography stood out for me, both in number of entries and quality--there are some very talented students at work here.  I would have loved to have seen more submissions in the painting and ceramics categories.  Overall the work was skilled, captivating, and thoughtful--many of those selected for the exhibition were a "clear choice" for their strength and obvious success in completing a given exercise.  My congratulations to all participants.

One additional note; It's unfortunate that not all entries were presented properly.  I understand that access to materials may be limited but I would hope that professors would work with students to resolve these issues; it shouldn't be that a work cannot be selected because it's not adequately framed or matted.  Really, it would be ideal for students to receive some basic training in matting and framing, surely skills they will find useful throughout their careers.  Cleveland benefits from a number of talented frame shops that I imagine would be more than willing to give some of their time or make suggestions of appropriate resources to aid students in learning a new and valuable skill.

Lauren Hansgen,
Executive Director
Cleveland Artists Foundation


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