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The Human Subject

Work in Gallery C

October 23 – November 10, 2009
A Different World

Gallery talk with the artist:
October 23 at 6:00 pm

Featuring works by self-taught visual artist, poet, and writer Virginia Konchan.

November 13 – December 5, 2009
A Thin Red Line
Artist talk and reception:
November 13 at 11:30 am

With works by Nez Perce artist Rachel Allen in celebration of Native American Heritage Month. Curated by Jeanne Grosetti. Cosponsored by CSU’s Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs.

November 14 at 12:00 noon
Family print art workshop with Rachel Allen and Jeanne Grosetti.

In this exercise each participant will have a piece of printfoam to make their own images, marks, or symbols that represent them or their family.  Each participant will print a piece to take home and share with family.

The larger collaborative project will be a large piece of paper that can represent the community of families or individuals that participated in the workshop. On this paper we will print each participant’s printfoam to make a community piece.

October 23 through December 5, 2009
Opening reception: October 23 from 5:00 – 7:00 pm


With artists: Susan Hauptman, Sean Henry, Misha Kligman, Baila Litton, Jenny Scobel

Curated by Tim Knapp, Assistant Gallery Director at Cleveland State University.

Artist Statement

Each person we encounter is a unique mapping of qualities and energies that are invisible to the naked eye.  Often, we seem to react to each other based on skin-to-skin appraisals or other superficialities.  Yet, some part of us intuits the presence of much, much more.

Herstories, Volume  1 & 2 are an ongoing series of mixed media paintings exploring the face as a mask and the tattoo as the indelible mark, shield, and sacrifice.

The subjects are women I have photographed. Their faces are tattooed with images relating to each woman’s life and something beyond, mythic and archetypal. The markings include ancient characters, symbols, and maps that emerge as cryptic images.

This body of work is layered with many skins of collaged paper, drawings, paint, and bits of fabric. The skins transform the mask into the portrait and bring surface and depth together as one.

My goal is to create compelling images that bring full attention to the subjectivity of perception .The viewer confronts an image textured with character and history. In the end they “ face” their own perceptions.


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