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Another Way of Looking: Influences from Islam
main gallery: May 21 to June 26, 2010

Asma Shikoh, Sketches, 2006, mixed mediums, 9x12” each

Asma Shikoh

The works included in this exhibition, are a light hearted visual interplay of  popular icons and the “hijab”  (the headscarf  adorned by Muslim women). It highlights the role of  individual practices in the shaping of a unique National identity. The "sketches" resemble the pages of my diary. I take everyday icons, many of which are mundane and ordinary, and  juxtapose them with a  simplified visual of a headscarf.  The resulting pieces are intelligenty playful and intimate.
"My prayer" is one of the magnified versions from this series.

Artist Biography

Asma has a BFA from The Indus Valley School of Art and Architecture in Karachi, Pakistan. She had been teaching and practicing art in Karachi till she moved to NYC in 2002. Here she has been actively associated with local art groups and galleries. She has exhibited her work extensively in NYC including the Queens Museum of Art, Ceres Gallery, Exit Art, Austrian Cultural Forum, Williamsburg Art and Historical Center, Brooklyn. The importance of her art making in the current debate about Islam and Integration in America, has received several reviews, most recently, one in the New York Times.

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