Alumni & Friends

Alumni & Friends

Activity Reward Program
Once a member of STAT, each time a student attends an official STAT meeting, STAT sponsored event, or CSUAA program he/she will receive a point(s) toward various prizes sponsored by the CSU Alumni Association.

Point Rewards:

  • 5 Points: T-shirt
  • 10 Points: T-shirt
  • 15 Points: Sweatshirt
  • 25 Points: Mentor (STAT Alumni Mentoring Program)
  • 30  Points and Up: Running for office positions

Continuing Board Members (overall total points):

  • 50 Points:  CSU License Plate
  • 100 Points: Portfolio
  • 150 Points: Viking 4 Life Medal
  • 200  Points: TBD

Good Standing:

  •  25 Points per semester

Point System Breakdown:

  • Meetings:

    Attending Meeting: 2 Points

    Attending Meeting with STAT shirt: 4 Points
  • Attending and Contributing to Committee Meeting: 1 Point

  • Projects:

    Project participation typically earns - 1 point per hour of work.
  • Events:

    Event attendance typically earns – 1 point per 1 hour of time at event.
    Points will be assigned by advisor prior to event and given for attendance and/or assistance at official STAT or CSUAA events.

* These incentives and point requirements are subject to approval and may change.