Alumni & Friends

Alumni & Friends

Mission Statement
To provide quality mentorship services to students by gaining access to the experiences of professionals for career and leadership guidance.

Vision Statement
The vision of both the CSU Alumni Association and STAT is to give students the opportunity to be matched with professionals whose backgrounds parallel the student’s academic majors, in order to ease in the transition from college to graduation, encourage the student to become an active alumni, and to allow for networking opportunities for the student.

Mentor Expectations

  • Make initial contact with mentee
  • Establish expectations of relationship, including goals, and time commitments
  • Be responsive to correspondence/contact
  • Assist with professional development
  • Challenge your mentee
  • Provide resources to your mentee
  • Provide feedback on program results at end of program (survey)

Mentee Expectations

  • Be proactive in the relationship
  • Be receptive to ideas/opinions provided by the mentor
  • Engage your mentor in discussions on topics that directly affect your schooling and/or career
  • Discuss your goals
  • Provide feedback on program results at end of program (testimonials and survey)

Communication Expectations
In order for the relationship to be effective there must be an open communication between the mentor and mentee. We expect that the mentor and mentee communicate at least monthly to make this relationship work, more frequent meetings are encouraged but time constraints on both parties may prohibit this. In person meetings are the best way to communicate, but emails or phone calls can also be effective. There will be 2 mentoring events held each semester (on or near campus) so consider these as ways to achieve the monthly requirement.