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Dash Grant

Unexpected expenses don't have to mean deciding between staying in school or dropping out to pay bills. If you are experiencing a financial emergency, the DASH Emergency Grant Program might be able to help.

For purposes of this grant program, a financial emergency is defined as an unforeseen expense that, if not resolved quickly, could lead to the student’s departure from the college and loss of momentum toward completion.

Thus, the CSU Dash Emergency Grant can help with:

  • Medical Bills
  • Car Repairs
  • Rent to prevent eviction
  • Utility bill shut off notices
  • Child Care
  • Other emergency expenses

Cannot be used for tuition balance at CSU


  • This is a grant- not a loan
  • Up to $1000 to cover emergency or unexpected expenses
  • One-time during your tenure at Cleveland State (multiple requests will not be honored)

Eligibility Criteria

  • Degree Seeking, currently enrolled Undergraduates only
  • Domestic Students only (International student not eligible)
  • Must have a FAFSA on file (Click here to complete a FAFSA)
  • EFC has to be $7000 or less to qualify for the grant
  • Students on SAP/Academic Warning are eligible

Application is available online by clicking on the DASH Grant link. 

If you have questions, Call 216.687.5411 or stop by Allin1 Enrollment Services in Main Classroom 116 to determine your eligibility.