First Year Advising Office

The First Year Advising Office is the first stop for the majority of first-time, first-year freshman students. Within this office students will be supported by a First Year Advisor who are here to help students with learning and understanding academic requirements, course selection and registration, learning the policies and procedures of the university and making referrals to appropriate offices as necessary. In addition the First Year Advisors closely monitor students performance and progress to ensure that students stay on track towards graduation. The First Year Advisors provide academic advising and on-going support during the critical freshman year and will work closely with each student to transition into and navigate the university experience.

First Year academic advising is integral to the success of every student who enters CSU:

  • Your First Year Advisor will work closely with you to ensure that you have a coherent educational plan for your four years at the University and that you are prepared to be a contributing member of our academic community.
  • The University's requirements can be complex, and your Success Specialist will be your support and guide as you take on the responsibility of meeting those requirements.
  • At CSU, we have a wealth of resources and information that will help you achieve your goals; your First Year Advisor can help you find what you need.
  • A liberal education is the core of your four years at Cleveland State; your First Year Advisor will help you cultivate the intellectual habits that lead to a lifetime of learning. Cleveland State University calls upon every student to engage with the world of ideas and the world of human affairs.

A good working partnership with your First Year Advisor will be a key factor in making the most of your first year at Cleveland State. Get off to the right start in this critical relationship by getting to know a little more about your First Year Advisors