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Cuyahoga Community College Transfer Guide

Monte Ahuja College of Business Administration
Effective Fall 2008

General Education at Cleveland State University

College of Business Majors

Due to curriculum changes in the College of Business, transfer students are strongly encouraged to contact the College of Business Undergraduate Advising Center at 216-687-3729 to identify the appropriate transfer guide.

Cleveland State University's General Education (GenEd08) curriculum consists of knowledge and skill components considered to be critical for all University graduates to master in the subject matter areas listed below. As a student at Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C), you may choose to take these GenEd08 courses at Tri-C or at CSU. Please contact a Tri-C advisor for guidance on courses required to receive your associate's degree.

The following is a suggested program of study for students pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in the following fields: Accounting, Business Economics, Finance, General Business, Information Systems, International Business, Management and Labor Relations, Marketing, and Operations Supply Chain Management.

CIS majors please view the College of Business CIS Transfer Guide

General Education Course Equivalencies

The courses listed below can be used to fulfill General Education requirements at CSU.

CSU Gen Ed 08 Category Tri-C Equivalents
2 courses / 6 credits
ENG 1010 OR ENG 101H and
ENG 1020 OR ENG 102H (C or better is required in all courses)
2 courses / 6 credits
Required for all majors:
MATH 1470, 1480 (C grade or better required in each course)
Arts & Humanities
2 courses / 6 credits
(from 2 different departments)

One introductory Arts & Humanities course plus one course focused on a society other than the U.S.

NOTE: 1 non-US Social Science or Arts and Humanities course must be focused on Africa, Asia, Latin America, or the Middle East. These courses are in bold italics

Introductory courses:
ANTH 1030
ART 1010
DANC 1100
ENG 2310, 2320, 2410, 2420, 2430, 2710, 2730
HIST 1510, 151H, 1520, 152H, 1610
HUM 1010, 1020, 1030
JMC 1310
MUS 1020, 1030, 2520, 2530
PHIL 1000, 1010, 101H, 1020, 2020, 2031, 2040, 2050
REL 2020
THEA 1010, 1100
UST 1120
WST 2030

Non-US courses:
ART 1040, 2020, 2030
ENG 2700, 2720
FREN 2420
GER 2420
HIST 1010, 101H, 1020, 102H, 1700, 2040, 2051, 2060, 2080
ITAL 2420
MUS 1010, 1050, 2500, 2510
PHIL 208H, 2010
REL 1010, 2010, 2030, 2040, 2050
RUSS 2420
SPAN 2420, 2430
THEA 2210, 2220

Social Science
2 courses / 6 credits

One introductory Social Science course plus one course focused on a society other than the U.S.

NOTE: 1 non-US Social Science or Arts and Humanities course must be focused on Africa, Asia, Latin America, or the Middle East. These courses are in bold italics
Required for all majors:
ECON 2610 and 2620

Plus one Non-US course below::

Non-US courses:
ANTH 2010
GEOG 1010, 1050
POL 2060

Natural Science
2 courses / 7 credits (must include at least 1 lab credit)

Courses with lab credit are starred(*)

BIO 1040/L*, 1050/L*, 1060/L*, 1100*, 1500*, 1510*, 2010*, 2050*, 2150, 2331*, 2341*
CHEM 1010*, 1020*, 1300/L*, 130H*, 1310/L*, 131H*
ESCI 1310/L*, 1410/L*, 141H, 1610/L*, 2300
PSCI 1010/L*, 1020/L*, 1030/L*
PHYS 1050, 1210*, 1220*, 2310*, 2320*

Social Diversity
2 courses / 6 credits

Must be comprised of:
  • 1 African-American course
  • 1 US Diversity course
Students transferring in more than 60 hours are only required to take 1 course

African-American Experience Courses:
ENG 2510, 2520
HIST 2070, 2150, 2160
JMC 1610
MUS 1040
REL 2060
SOC 2310, 2550
UST 2020

US Diversity courses:
ASL 1100
EDUC 2050
HIST 2660
SOC 2410
WST 200H, 1510, 1520

Writing Across the Curriculum/
Speaking Across the Curriculum

Minimum of 3 courses

Students transferring 60 - 89 hours: one course waived
Students transferring 90 + hours: two courses waived
One WAC/SPAC course must be in the student's major

No transfer courses count toward this requirement - all WAC courses must be completed at CSU

Foreign Language Students who graduated from high school in 1987 or later are required to complete one of the following:
  • Two years of a single foreign language in high school
  • An introductory level sequence of a single foreign language (generally, two semesters of 100-level study)
  • Two American Sign Language courses and one approved foreign culture course

NOTE: International Business majors must demonstrate intermediate-level proficiency in foreign language. This requirement can be satisfied through completion of three years of a single foreign language in high school or four semesters of a foreign language (including at least two intermediate-level courses) at the college/university level.

Additional Business Requirements (for all majors, unless otherwise indicated)

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CSU BBA Courses Tri-C Equivalents
ACT 221 and 222 ACCT 1310 and 1340 (ACT majors require an average GPA of 2.5 among both courses)
BLW 411 BADM 2150
BUS 151 BADM 1020
ECN 201 and 202 ECON 2610 and 2620
GAD 250 BADM 2010
IST 203 IT 1010
MKT 301 MARK 2010
ACT 321 ACCT 2340 (ACT majors only) (C grade or better required)
ACT 361 ACCT 1041 (ACT majors only) (C grade or better required)
BUS 201 MATH 1490
OSM 202 MATH 1500

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