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Alexander Holt - Admissions Counselor

Alexander Holt
Admissions Counselor

Greetings! I am Alexander Holt and I am an admissions counselor at Cleveland State University. When I decided to earn a masters degree I made the right choice when I chose CSU. CSU was such a great experience that I decided to earn a second masters degree from here, and now I am the proud recipient of both an MBA and an MLRHR.

However, Cleveland State means more than just taking classes, it’s about engaged learning. That is why I took advantage of our metropolitan location and engaged myself in an exciting internship downtown. Best of all, whenever I had time to relax and have fun, I had easy access to a host of vibrant arts and music venues that make the city of Cleveland such a dynamic place.

So now it’s your turn to choose, are you ready to make the CSU decision?