Academic Honors


A full-time student (12 credits or more per semester) or a part-time student completing a 12-hour step, who has earned a grade-point average of 3.25 or better, is placed on the Dean's List for excellent academic performance. The Dean's List is calculated on credits earned in course work for which grades of A through F are given. Credit earned in a course for which the grade of Satisfactory is achieved will not be counted as part of the 12 semester-credit minimum for full-time status.

These lists only include those students who have allowed us to release this information. 

Fall 2017 Dean's List 

Summer 2017 Dean's List
Spring 2017 Dean's List
Fall 2016 Dean's List

Summer 2016 Dean's List
Spring 2016 Dean's List
Fall 2015 Dean's List

Summer 2015 Dean's List
Spring 2015 Dean's List
Fall 2014 Dean's List

Students can review their directory information preferences by taking the following steps: Please login to CampusNet>Select the 'Student' tab> Select 'Program Detail'> Select 'Directory Information'. If a student's record is restricted, then the information will not appear on the Dean's List.