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The Writing Center


Enhancing Reading 
          a.  Reflecting on a Quote
          b.  One-Minute Paper
          c.  Journal Writing
          d.  Reading Log
     Planning a Paper
          a.  Writing for Dissonance
          b.  Starting Point
          c.  Exploring My Question
          d.  Focus
     Developing Arguments
          a.  Finding the Real Issue
          b.  Attitudes toward Argument
          c.  Believing and Doubting Game


     Audience Issues
          a.  Audience Analysis
          b.  Attitudes toward Audience
          c.  Argument Structures
     Conventions of Academic Writing
          a.  Informal to Formal Style
          b.  Elegant Explanations
          c.  Integrating Sources
          d.  Formatting Your Paper
          e.  Fine Points of Academic Writing

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The Writing Center


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