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Undergraduate Research: 2007

2007 Symposium

The Honors Program sponsored an Undergraduate Research Symposium on August 8, 2007 to showcase the research projects performed by undergraduate students this summer that were supported by the Provost’s Office. Approximately 150 students worked on these projects as undergraduate researchers who were paid for their hard work. Research and other academic experiences came out of all 6 colleges and the Honors Program.

Students performing research were asked to present a poster on their work. Students were generally expected to have their own poster presentation; however, for some work in which students worked together on the same overall project, the poster may have had more than one student author.

There were two sessions to the symposium. The first session ran from 10:30 – noon , followed by a lunch break (lunch was provided for all student participants), followed by the second session from 1:00 – 2:30. Students were assigned to a session and position number at random to increase the diversity of the event. Students stood near their posters during the session to explain their work to any interested attendees.

Students were also asked to submit a short abstract of their poster/research. These abstracts have been collected and printed in an Abstract Booklet that summarizes the Symposium. Click here to download the Abstract Booklet (MSWord format).

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