Welcome to the 3rd

Choose Ohio First - Success in Math

Poster Session, Spring 2011


Some students participating in this poster session are receiving a "Choose Ohio First Success in Math" scholarship from the State of Ohio. Some of these students are receiving a scholarship funded by the NSF DUE S-STEM award 0728625 from the federal government.

Here are the five Ohio universities and community college participating in our third online poster session:

Case Western Reserve University

Cleveland State University

Cuyahoga Community College

Kent State University

University of Akron

Youngstown State University



Case Western Reserve University


"Alu Polymorphic Insertion in DNA"
Ivona Pavlek, Deanna Drenten, Sheehan Hannan, Brandon Cull, Zachary Romestan

"An Enlightening Process"
Monica Miller, Sarah Katz, Raquel Brown, Brittney Reid

"Bridge CWRU"
Jacob Rhodes, Kenneth Akiki

"Cognitive Outcomes of Low Birth Weight Singletons and Multiples"
Chelsea Flanigan, Meera Patel, Maeve Goede

"Conservation of Mechanical Energy"
Kristy Walsh, Sarah Ancell, Kara Meyer, Kate Schmitmeyer, Dylan Yurgionas

"Exploring Lake Abram: The Challenge of Providing Service Learning Opportunities for Students"
Alayna Dorobek, Devon Smith, Renee Schmitmeyer, Brittany Sussman, Richard Metzger

"Frisbee Physics"
Olivia Boyle

"In Silico Study of Rhythmic Activity Underlying Breathing Using NEURON and Python"
Youngmin Park, Jennifer Huang, Brian Zheng

"Nutrition Knowledge and Attitudes Related to Body Mass Index (BMI) in Elementary School Children"
Kelly Kaminski

"Sudoku Solving by Constraint Programming"
Beth McNany, Shannon Corlett

"The e/m Ratio of an Electron"
Daniel Brodsky, Jake Bell, Zachry Floro, William Smith

"The Inclined Plane"
Whitney Miller, Gerard Ortega, Isy Okafor, Sara Lynch

"The Truth About High Fructose Corn Syrup"
Jennifer Nelson, Lynn Truong

More information about Choose Ohio First at Case Western Reserve University



Cleveland State University

"Biodiesel Quality Analysis"
Ahmad Maarouf

"Blood Pressure Correlation to Student's Exam Scores"
Ian Conant, Charles Tillie, Justin Jones, Scott Fulton

"Can Liquid-Flouride Thorium Reactor's Help Solve the World's Energy Problems?"
Bernie Montavon, Jason Shattuk, Connor Dorony, Ryan Monteleone

"Comparison of Methods of Holography"
Israt Zabin, Curt Laubscher, Mansoor Khan, Ashley Shega, Sara Zander

"Curves with Constant Width and Reuleaux Polygons"
Candice Quinn, Peter Fumich, David Freelan, Josh Orzel, Paul Sharaba

"Design and Characterization of Thermally Responsive Nanoparticles: Exploring Structure, Shape, and Dynamics with Light Scattering"
Kaitlin Vandermark

"Designing an Accurate Titration Apparatus"
James Deyling, Steve Caja, Megan Wade, Alex DiMasso

"Disintegration/Dissolution and Absorption of Vitamin Supplements"
Haadjer Benmerzouga, Jane Quade

"Dubai and its Engineering Feats"
Jake Adkins, Courtney Jones, Amy Kalabon, Errol Scholtz, John Berdysz

"Exploring the Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator"
Josh Cmar, Michael Hardin, Tristan Oryszak-ley

"How Cost Effective are Hybrids"
Victor Perhay, Alec Phillips, Leonid Taranovich

"Linear Algebra"
Stephanie Knauff, Anna Goodman, Anne Clark, Meghan Mental

"Optimization of Algae and Halophyte Growth Conditions for Maximal Lipid Production"
Brittany Studmire, Tyra Studmire

"Password Cracking"
Jonathan Gurary

"Redox Imbalance in the Asthmatic Lung"
Anam Khan

"Strokes and its Effects on Speech Patterns"
Meredith Netzel

"Synthesis and Analysis of HPC Microgels using Dynamic Light Scattering"
Sean Sheridan

"The Difference between the Effect of Oxycodone in Oxycontin and Percocet"
Dina Ali, Daniel Renner, Rachel Glennon

"The Efficacy and Safety of Hemostatic Agents in Controlling Trauma Related Hemorrhaging"
Nick Yurko, Karina Radonich

"The Functional Role of Major and Minor snRNAs in RNA Splicing"
Linn LeClair, Chantale Salem, Jackie Logue

"The Linear DC Motor"
Patrick Donnelly, Oliver Tiber, Nathaniel Dolesh, Bryan Botirus

"The Next Nuclear Era"
Ryan Sumbry, Anecia Chatmon, Matt Smith

"The Relationship between Lampsilis radiata luteola on Different Sides of Ohio's Northern Divide"
Na'Tasha Evans

"The Technology and Benefits of High Speed Rail"
Michael Washington

"Transition Windshield"
Joseph Feigenbaum, Sandy Veres, Zac Rybak, Jared Melnyk

"Transporation Efficiencies in a Growing World"
Brian Moran, David McKinney

"University Parking Probability for CSU Student Center"
Steven Thomas, Shane Poloha, Daniel Pistilli, Brendan Skrtic

"Which Wind Turbine is More Efficient"
Michael Kirchner, Jeremiah Dischinger

More information about Choose Ohio First at Cleveland State University



Cuyahoga Community College

"B-2 Stealth Bomber"
David Pittmon, Cory Rusek

More information about Choose Ohio First at Cuyahoga Community College


Kent State University

"Analysis of Sorting Algorithms"
Nicolas Tietz, Daniel Evrard, Nate Snyder, Tyler Herzog

"Bohr's Model and the Emission Spectrum"
Ritch Grayson

"Chameleons and Invariants"
Amanda Douvis, Andrew Sololich

"Chameleons and Stomp Game"
Kerry Ward, Leah Konya, Andrea King, Amanda Douvis

"Chromed Out"
Casey Dykes, Meredith Yeager

"Drought History of Scout Lake Durning the Holocene Based on Sediment Lightness"
Lindsey Brenizer

"Fake Coins and a Balance Scale"
Aleksandra Sobieska, Alexander Kokinov, Christopher Walker, Courtney Osentoski

"Five Color Theorem"
Jacob Shoenfeld, Sean Reber

"How Things Get their Color"
Ben Johnson, Grayson Ritch

"Knot Theory and Knot Invariants"
Joseph Gaspar

"Knot Theory"
Nick Hancock

"Lattice Points"
James Sutherland, Patrick Edwards, Zachary Longanecker

"Magic Squares"
Adam Esterle, Jeff Gulyas

"Modular Arithmetic"
Tiffany Oshinsky, Amanda Pokorny, Katie Pozuc, Adam Schulte

"Moment Generating Functions"
Olivia Colony, Angela Reed

"Musical Scale Tuning"
Paul LaManna

"Plasmonic Patch Nanoantennas"
Fred Minkowski, Olivia Colony

"The Monte Carlo Dart Throwing Approximation for pi"
Brett Wilson, Clinton Weigel, Ryan Ruby, Bethany Fleischer

"The Singularity"
Denny McAnerney

"Using Euler's Method to Solve the Predator-Prey Model"
Elizabeth Sylvester, Sally Hucker

"X-Ray Chrystallography"
Jeff Lengyel, Jordan Adamek

More information about Choose Ohio First at Kent State University



University of Akron

"Akron Rotary Garden: An Eco-Friendly Gardens for Children with Special Needs."
Brian Krosnick, Olivia Hutcherson, Andrew Kochan, Rebecca Miesle

"BP Oil Spill: Separating the Contaminants"
Ashley Wisberger, Dioswal Johnson, Chaz Haverty, Matt Watts

"Creating a Multi-Purpose Garden: Akron Rotary Camp Garden Project"
Juliana Puskorius, Alex Miksit, Jessica Balishin, William Lane

"Crown Point Ecology Center Mobile Shade Structure"
Jessica Capestain, Mitchell Eppich, Anthony Giamati, Steven Holben, Shawn Marks

"Crown Point Ecology Center: Mobile Shade"
Craig Nine, Ethan York, Timothy Nixdorf, Daniel Crawford, Anthony Fosselman

"Extreme Waldorf Makeover: Science Edition"
Brian Dudek, Jessica Pelger, Bethany Baranyk, Ryan Markgraf, Ashley Will

"Hydrogel Derived From Polymerization of Bicontinous Microgels With Natural Polysaccharide Surfactants"
Kate Emmert

"Math and Science Professional Development"
Christina Ward, Zach Tocchi, Ashley Wisberger, Ashley Gallagher, Abby Tanner

"Operation Chicken Shield"
Joseph Gaone, Michael Johnson, Kayla Anderson, Alex Darkow, Michael Massaro

"Project: Rotary Rejuvenation"
Michel Soueidi, Matthew Massaro, Miranda Rockich, Teran Lee

"Protection and Restoration: Dealing with the BP Oil Spill"
Brandon Layton, Zach Gregory, Emily Clark

"Spring Garden, The New Green Standard"
Andrew Toth, Moira Dewalt, Leigh Lewis, Nick Conley, Melinda Schall, Alissa Phillips

"The Benefits of the Blowout Prevention Act (HR 5626)"
Heidi Rassavong, Ryan Finn

"The Coop Cart"
William Clemson, Robert Coon, Jennifer Court, Nicole Fano, Dylan Irvine

"The Economic, Legal, and Scientific Effects of the Dispersants Used in the BP Oil Spill"
Tyler Raubenstraw, Mariah Buchanan, Vincent Paratore, Lincoln Stover, Amy Gao, TJ Briggs

"Tutoring Extensions"
Melinda Lipian

More information about Choose Ohio First at The University of Akron



Youngstown State University

"Color Mixing with LEDs and Lasers" Bret Bole, Adam Bondor, William Hill, Adam Restifo, Samantha Rovnak, Cory Vesy

"Digital Communications-Waveform Analysis: Fourier Series and Fourier Transform"
Shawn Penwell, James Clover, Nicolino Minniti

"First Steps Toward a Phase Diagram for K(Cux Mn1 – x )F3 and K(Cux Ni1 – x )F3 Type Perovskites'
Solita Wilson, Kristen Hernandez, Christopher Scheckelhoff, Scott Brand, Caleb Tatebe, Nicholas Ragan

"Investigations into Applications and the Mathematics of Bézier Curves"
Kevin McLane, Ashley Wagner, Mike Weaver, Ryan Stanton, Cody Rigney, Nicholas Popovich

"LED Display Device"
Robert Ragan, Christopher Smaldino, Nathan Jones, Kyle Faykus, Tyler Vitullo

"Linkage Between Vinyl Chloride Contamination at Superfund Sites and Incidences of Liver Cancer"
Pamela Galioto, Dawn Helterbran, Sarah, Waldinger, Alvin Lu, Samantha Tharp, Dylan Thomas, Richie Gatelaro

"Optimization of a Biomolecular Reaction in a Fluidized Bed Catalytic Reactor"
Evan Beil, Brian Crawford, Michael Hernandez, Zachery Gorrell, Jennifer Moy

"RSA Encryption and Decryption: an Application of Modular Arithmetic"
Katie Kosela, Joseph Stanek, Joshua Hodges, Thomas Patterson, Ryan Lopez, Michael Kaldy

"Using Wind Turbines for Large-Scale Electricity Production"
Kevin Ball, Patrick Bollinger, Kenneth Burton, Matthew Lehman, Sean Gabriel, Reed Shields

More information about Choose Ohio First at Youngstown State University