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GenEd 98: General Education Requirements

African-American Experience and Human Diversity

Requirement: Two (2) courses/ Six (6) credit hours

Students must take two courses in this field for a minimum of six credits. Once course must be an African-American Experience course. The second course may be either a second African-American Experience course or a Human Diversity course.

  • African-American Experience
    The central and primary focus of the course shall pertain to the African-American experience. Specifically, it should require students to explore one or both of the following issues; African-American history and culture or the African-American urban experience. In addition to appropriate content areaas listed above, a major component of all courses in this area must be on race and racism-the interaction between blacks and whites in the United States.
  • Human Diversity
    This course includes contemporary subject matter that focuses upon one or more of the following:
    • the experience and contributions of African-Americans;
    • the experiences and contributions of other racial/ethnic minority groups within the United States with primary focus on Native Americans, Hispanics, and Asians.
    • the experiences and contributions of other groups in the United States that encounter bias based upon group identity (includes gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, and/or religion).

Three hours of the African-American Experience and Human Diversity requirement may also be used to satisfy the Arts/Humanities or Social Science requirement if so listed. The Human Diversity requirement and the African-American Experience requirement may not be satisfied by the same course.

Transfer students with 60 credit hours or more must complete at least one course in either the African-American Experience or the Human Diversity area.

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