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Heidi Kocskar

Majors: Anthropology, Linguistics
Minor: Psychology

Hungary, 2005-06

As a graduating senior, as opposed to a grad student, I will be required to attend classes at a university in Hungary but currently do not know details regarding these studies. I will, however, also be conducting research in Hungarian sociolinguistics. The Hungarian language has been influenced by the English language over the past number of decades with increasing usage of borrowings. My main area of interest and research will be to assess to what extent native speakers are aware of this phenomenon. Additionally, I am also very interested as to their attitudes, whether positive or negative, regarding these lexical borrowings. I also plan to visit a number of cities and towns of varying populations to obtain a comparative basis. In other words, I would like to investigate if there is an increase in usage and awareness in larger urban centers as opposed to smaller rural areas. I hope to be able to incorporate my data and findings in future research in graduate school.



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