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Laura E Martin, PhD

Dr Laura E Martin

Professor, Modern Languages
Director, K’inal Winik Cultural Center and Yax Te’ Books

RT 1649
(216) 687-4695

Guatemala, 2004

Dr Martin's Fulbright website, 2004

Dr. Laura Martin, Professor of Modern Languages, spent January through June, 2004, as a Fulbright Exchange Scholar in Linguistics at the Instituto de Lingüística y Educación, Rafael Landívar University, Guatemala City. There, she conducted research on folk tales and teach Guatemalan students to interpret Mayan narrative form, focusing on “The Lazy Man and the Buzzard,” a tale found in several Maya languages. Through linguistic comparisons, she and her students will determine the effects of each community’s interpretation of the tale.

Dr. Martin holds a doctorate in linguistics from the University of Florida, and specializes in Mayan languages, particulary Mocho, a language spoken today by only a few Mayans in Chiapas, Mexico. Her scholarship and research centers around Central American Spanish dialectology, discourse analysis, language pedagogy, and linguistic anthropology. She is the author of several books and dozens of articles and reviews.

She directs the K’inal Winik Cultural Center and Yax Te’ Books at CSU that promote the culture of contemporary Maya living in Guatemala, Mexico, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador. Dr. Martin was instrumental in designing and leading the College’s interdisciplinary study abroad programs in Venezuela, Guatemala, and Belize. She presents workshops for teachers and artists in the US and Guatemala, and recently completed an evaluation of EDUMAYA for USAID.

Dr. Martin is preparing a “Fulbright Journal” of her experiences in Guatemala for publication on the worldwide web, the first time such an extensive e-journal has been published by a Fulbright scholar.



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