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Success Coaching Testimonials


Would you recommend coaching to other CSU students? Explain why or why not.

  • "Yes, because with the crazy schedules that we have it is very helpful"
  • "Yes! Because it truly increased my self-confidence and helped me plan and succeed in my classes"
  • "Yes, because when I first attended CSU, I did not know where to go or how to study. Attending SC has helped me to learn how to break my study time down with the hours and days so I won't be over exhausted"
  • "YES!! This is arguably the best program for students…actually this program and my tutor is great for anyone wanting to be successful!"
  • "I would recommend coaching to anyone who is having trouble understanding grades, CSU policies, college life, things like that. Anyone who needs help and encouragement should have coaching"
  • "Yes I would. I would because it gives students a chance to ask advice from fellow students who are going through the same thing, if not worse"
  • "Yes, success coaching really helps you. It helped me come out of my shell and strive to succeed"

Further comments and suggestions:

  • "This is a great program that accommodates the materials students need to become successful, and I would recommend this program to the other students"
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Hours of Operation
Monday - Thursday 9:00am-4pm
Friday 9am-2pm
Campus Location
Main Classroom 233
1899 East 22nd Street

Phone: 216.687.2012
Mailing Address
Tutoring and Academic Success Center
Cleveland State University
2121 Euclid Avenue, MC 233
Cleveland, OH 44115-2214

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